Why Real Estate Professionals Need a Blog

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You might read that headline and think, “But aren’t blogs so 2008? It’s 2020, Instagram and TikTok are where it’s at.” Yes, other social media platforms are popular, but not all social platforms can bring in the benefits of a blog. I should also say, a blog is only good if it’s updated and has content your customers care about.

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses do is go all in on a blog at first, and six months later, completely leave it to the wayside. Think of a blog like your favorite house plant. It needs nurturing and love, maybe not every day, but enough so you don’t come back to it months later and all of the leaves are brown and withered.

A consistent schedule is better than no schedule. If every week seems like a huuuuge undertaking (psst, that’s where I can help!), once a month is a good timeline to follow.

Still not sold on a blog? Here’s how a consistent and valuable blog can set you up for success.

1. Improve your online presence.

Blogging can position your site to show up on search engine results by answering your customers’ questions or providing relevant information. Now if SEO confuses you, you’re not alone. And while yes, it’s important to use key words in your web copy and blog, that’s not the only factor search engines take into account. A website with a blog typically means content is fresh, users spend a good amount of time on your site and there are opportunities for your content to be shared on other sites (more on that in #4).

Consistent, new information is an incentive for people to continue coming back to your site, increasing your web traffic and in turn, those search engine results.

2. Establish yourself as an industry leader.

Let’s face it, investing in real estate or managing properties can stress people out. It’s not for everyone. But it is for you, and you have the knowledge and skills to help these people. Web content that covers topics your clients often have questions about is a great way to establish trust. You can provide general, helpful information for readers to help them navigate the real estate industry.

Let’s say I’m trying to purchase a property and turn it into an Airbnb. I stumble across your business with a blog post detailing exactly what I should consider to invest in a rental property and what you can do to help me. Then, I find another business who only shares their basic information and contacts. Which one would you choose?

3. Let prospective and current clients get to know the real you.

Hi! I’m Emily. I write business blogs and web copy, and my goal is for my customers to succeed. *Record scratch*

Hold on. While that intro was fine and nice, what did you really learn about me? That I can write? Pretty easy to forget.

A blog is a chance for you to really let your customers get to know you in an authentic, non-cheesy way. No, maybe you don’t need to update everyone on what you had for lunch, but sharing values that are important to you or personal experiences can help you connect to your clients and make you stand out.

Customers want to trust and, honestly, like who they’re doing business with — especially for bigger financial decisions such as buying a home or developing a commercial property. Your blog written with words you’d actually say can establish that relationship with your customers before they’ve even met you. They’re half in before you’ve even shaken their hand.

4. Engage with your target market.

On most blogs, there’s an option for readers to comment or share every post. When your site hosts content that is valuable, knowledgeable and relatable, people will want to share and engage with your business. As customers engage with your content by posting comments or sharing links, you can see what topics interest them and what they’re looking for, so you can then tailor your services to exactly address their needs!

Oh, and all of those comments and social media sharing? Those increase your SEO, too. Nice.

Are you ready to embrace that blogs have withstood the test of another decade and are here to help you? Ready to bring some water and sunlight to that blog of yours with browning leaves?

Shoot me a note and let’s talk content strategy. You won’t regret it.

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