Prospectus-Luke Knott

I featured student athletes in another issue of Prospectus. Online version of this student athlete profile can be viewed here.

Cyclone linebacker, Luke Knott, isn’t only making headway on the football field but in the business field as well. Knott, a senior in supply chain management is a three-time recipient of first team honors for the Academic All-Big 12 Conference teams.
In order to be awarded with first-team honors, a student-athlete must maintain a GPA of 3.20 or higher, while also participating in 60 percent of the games. 
Taking classes year-round in addition to long and grueling football practices can be stressful. Knott said the hardest part about balancing football and academics is keeping up with the physical and mental demands of being a college athlete. After some adjustment, he said, it’s much easier to get into the habit of always being tired and still accomplishing what needs to be done.
Outside of the classroom, Knott has gained real-world experience by participating in CyBiz Lab, a program within theEPZUQAAVYUPETRM.20150415205415 College of Business that connects undergraduate and graduate students with businesses who need help solving a problem. Students gain hands-on experience working to solve real business problems, and companies and organizations receive potential solutions to business issues from a perspective outside the company.
“Being a student athlete, I was always worried about everybody’s resumes stacking up so much more than mine,’” Knott said. “I can’t take advantage of an internship from eight to five in the summer because I have classes and workouts during that time.”
However, CyBiz Lab proved to be a perfect opportunity with flexible hours so Knott could attend his summer classes and workouts. Knott worked with students from various programs in the College of Business and networked with the participating corporations. He and his team were able to work on projects under real-life company managers.
Knott said working at CyBiz has given him valuable skills he would not have been able to gain otherwise. Because of his positive experience, he plans on working in the CyBiz Lab again this summer.
“Everybody that I worked with there is super awesome and it’s great first experience there with big companies,” Knott said. “It’s great just being able to go there, get that real-life experience and putting that on my resume while having a good time doing it.”

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