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The bedroom is the most precious room in your home. It’s the one place you can go for rest, relaxation and (usually) privacy. This makes your bedroom aesthetic even more important. It’s worth checking out different types of furniture from sites like www.360homeware.com.au who sell bits from bed frames to dining room furniture to kitchen appliances. Here are some techniques you can try to make your bedroom the restful, cozy oasis you’ve always wanted it to be.

1) Use Textiles That Comfort You

This means everything from soft, clean sheets to using pillowcases that make you feel like you’re on a cloud to a bedside rug that helps motivate you to get out of bed. When you surround yourself with materials that calm you, it makes your bedroom experience feel more like a relaxing retreat.

2) Keep Your Phone Charger Away From Your Bed

And while you’re at it, take that TV out of the bedroom. You might think sounds extreme, but blue light from electronics has been known to mess with sleep patterns and cause stress before bedtime. If moving your phone to the other side of the room is too extreme for you, try placing it in a nightstand drawer or on the floor so it’s further from your head and you’re less likely to grab it.

3) Cut The Clutter

Too many knick knacks and items on your nightstand or furniture can add stress to your unconscious. Try to limit yourself to a few necessary items and one special piece on your nightstand and dresser. Organize the rest with cute baskets that help you stay tidy while keeping your bedroom vibe.

4) Use Feng Shui As Your Guide

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to balance the energies in a space to create good fortune for the inhabitants. Usually Feng Shui is thought of when deciding on placement of items in a room. The best Feng Shui bedroom tips include: keeping bedroom doors closed at night, avoiding bed placement directly in line with the door and having the bed easily approachable from both sides.

5) Have Plenty Of Lighting Options

You should have a variety of lighting in your bedroom to adjust throughout the day. A cozy custom 3d printing light or bedside lamp is key, and the overhead light is important to brighten the entire room. You may also want to add fairy lights to your room to create some ambiance in the evenings. Additionally, try and maximize the amount of natural light that’s coming into your room in the day time as the room will feel brighter and fresher. Remember to hire a qualified electrician if you are doing any rewiring or installation of lights anywhere around your house. Don’t forget to think about closet lighting or other corners of your room where a lamp or string lights would enhance the space.

Ready to re-organize your bedroom? What are some other tricks you use to make your bedroom more restful?

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