Fun DIYs to Upgrade Your Apartment

Article written for Bold Online Magazine. Online version can be found here.

I spend a lot of time researching ways I can make my small apartment space better. It can be difficult to make the space feel truly homey when you live in a small one bedroom apartment. I often wander through vintage furniture markets, stalk West Elm and Ikea sites, and I pour over home magazines to read their best tips for elevating the home. Unfortunately, some of my favorite products or art have price tags I just cannot justify with my small budget. Creating my own version of the pieces I love has been a great way for me to improve my apartment while still having the cash to go to Sunday brunch.

Here are some of my favorite DIY projects that can really transform your space without breaking your wallet.



This fun project only requires four materials: marble contact paper, scissors, hand towel, and the table you’re ready to makeover! Marble is having a moment right now, but can be so expensive. I love the creativity these ladies have and they break down the project steps to make it a super easy project.

 Photo from Syl and Sam
Photo from Syl and Sam


While I’m all about the gallery wall trend, sometimes you just need one big statement piece to command attention in the room. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on that gorgeous abstract piece, DIY with a shower curtain and wood. This is the perfect project to do with a friend so they can help you lift the wooden planks and pull the curtain to be flat before nailing. I am in love with the way this project turned out!

 Photo by House of Jade Interiors
Photo by House of Jade Interiors


I’m a huge travel lover, so transforming a globe into a reading lamp is a DIY I can’t wait to try. Just pair with a book about faraway places and you’re basically on that vacay you desperately need.




Even if you don’t love the rustic look, you can find a way to make this project fit your home aesthetic. I love the way this DIY takes you through each step and how to see if the headboard will fit the bed.

 Photo by Old Town Home
Photo by Old Town Home


Love board games, traveling, photos of your dog? There’s a coaster DIY for that. Because nothing can be as quirky and true to your personality than a funky place to set your water glass. Bonus: they keep your tables looking good as new.

 Photo from The Thinking Closet
Photo from The Thinking Closet

 There are so many fun DIYs to try! What’s your favorite home improvement project? 



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